Sunday, 11 March 2012


Sun is out fully now and it's very warm, almost hot.

I emptied out Number 1 Compost bin, and started shovelling it into my wheelbarrow before transporting it to the fruit cage.   The compost bins are outside the Girls' free range area,  and the fruit cage is currently (or perhaps I shoudld say currantly ha ha ha) inside.     WIth the first load, I carefully opened the netting, wheeled the barrow through, stopped and closed the fence,  and then wheeled the barrow off to the fruit bed.  Once there, I emptied it out and it was pounced on by four very curious girls.   Seeing where this was going,  I went and got the rake, and pushed the compost into the middle of the fruit bed so that when the Girld started to rook through it, it would get flicked to the outside edge - instead of over the edhge and onto the grass.

As the Girls were otherwise entertained,  I slacked off on my fence shutting routine.   I left the fence open while I filled the barrow, only shutting it behind me.    By the third barrow, I left it open while I went to disgorge the barrow as well.   I should have known it was too good to last.

Florence,  my beautiful and enormous Australorp,  heard the shove scraping on the slabs as I was getting to the bottom of the compost.   She knows that sound.  She knows that where there is shovelling, there are insects and possibly worms.  She came thundering over and was through the open gate before I coud stop her.    

DH's beautiful veg beds are near the compost bins, safely out of the Girls reach. Until now.   Fortunately, I managed to shepherd FLorence off the beds with the gentle swaying of a broom.    I went back to my safe routine after that.

When I had emptied bin 1, I decided to empty bin 2.  To my surprise, it was already empty!  No idea what happened there.    I looked at bins 3 and 4.  Normally, I would take the opportunity to turn the compost, by moving the immature compost into the now-empty bins.  However,  bins 3 and 4 had piles of slabs leaning against them (no idea!),  and we're replacing the fence behind the bins soon so the bins might need to be moved out completely for the day anyway....     I left them.

I then spent some time putting away the stuff from this morning: pressure washer, hose, power supply, cleaning stuff....    Cube still not dry, so I'm goign to have a refreshing drink and sit in the sun for a bit before putting that back together.

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