Monday, 6 February 2012


We had a few inches of snow on Saturday night. 

On Sunday, I cleared the drive and pavement in front of the house,  and I cleared a path to the chooks.  It was already soft, but I learned a few years ago not to be fooled.  Get it moved while its fresh and it's relatively easy.  Leave it and, if the temperature drops, you end up with ice.

The Girls decided they didn't want to come out of their (covered) run, thank you very much.   They stayed in all day.

Last time we had snow, Lily and Daisy were still here,  and *nothing* stopped Lily. Here's a pic of her in the snow..

And here are the others, watching her...
I do miss her.


  1. Was Lily a Leghorn by any chance? I have had several and they are characters ...

    Snow here, my lot don't want to go out apart from the ex batts who have never seen snow and are fascinated by it!

  2. Hi Sarah
    Lily was a White Star (so Leghorn based hybrid). Very active, busy, fearless little girl; unusually for her type, she was very happy to be picked up (she associated it with getting a treat). Am surprised your ex batts wanted to go out in the snow :-).