Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Becky asked me about what we use Lardons for.

We use lardons as the fat for frying off mince (beef, pork or veal mince)ready for use in other dishes. Bolognese, meatballs, lasagne, chilli, anything really. The bacon fat adds an extra depth of flavour, and the crispy bacon bits that are left are delicious. I scoop them out o fthe fat when they are crisp and then I  usually add them back into the dish, either in the meat part or sometimes in an accompanying sauce (eg if I am making meatballs, I put the bacon bits back in the sauce I make to accopany the meatballs, rather than in the meatballs themselves). 

Sometimes I can't resist just eating them.   

They should be smoked really...we might invest in a small smoker to smoke a small amount of bacon or ham.   Maybe later in the year.

Becky, I was very interested to hear that you are raising your own porkers - what breed do you have? I  hope you will be starting a blog about your experience, as I think it would be really interesting to read.  Let me know if you do start one.

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  1. Here is my blog:
    The pigs are Hampshire x York
    I believe I understand now what you use them for. We keep all our bacon grease to use basically the same way.