Friday, 10 February 2012


We collected our half pig today.It was already spit into the4 primary cuts. We didn't take our half head this time, but we did take theliver and kidney. Initial weighing of the primary cuts (without offal) was as follows:

Belly 4.1kg
Leg 7.2kg
Shoulder 9.6kg
Back/loin 6.8kg

Total: 27.7kg

DH dealt with the big joints, I did the cutting up/breaking down of pieces. And the removal of the fat for lard, as my fingers are more nimble than DH's and I can get it off with ease. 

Start with Belly primary cut
Peel fat off for lard

1 piece for breaking down into dice/mince/sausages (626g)
1 piece bit for back bacon (728g)
2 pieces for roasting joints 1.3kg and 1 kg, bone in. Joints scored and tied.

Next, tackle the leg
Tail -stockpot
Hock 420g
Trotter (for pork pie gelatin)
Half leg for ham 2.9kg
Other half broken down into lean dice, lean mince, sausagemeat

Third, tackle Hand (front leg). Start by cutting into 2 (shoulder and hand)
Hand part was 3kg initially. This was split into a roasting joint (2.1kg), and stuff to dice/mince (620g). Bone bit (off top) for stock
The Hand 
Trotter - both trotters together 380g 
Shoulder part  - split into 2 bne-in roasting joints. . This time we ended up with  1x3.4kg (has shoulder blade in), 1x2kg.   Difficult to get them evenly sized, would have had to have shoulder bone in both.
Joints were scored and tied. 

(Didn't take me long to do the shoulder breaking down,  so I started to weigh diced meat into bags and vac'd.   I also took the joints that were ready to go into the freezer and put them in the freezer.

DH was only using the knife to mark where to cut - he used a proper butchers carving knife to make the cut (and proper butchery saw where necessary).

Finally, the Loin
This was more difficult this time, as we weren't sure what we wanted to do. In the end we decided NOT to have any chops.  So,  we had
Piece for making into back bacon 
Eye for making Lonzino, the underneath piece being used for sausages and lardons
Large chunk for sausages and mince, and fat for lard

Broken Down meat:
Diced pork: 5 packs each weighing between 250g - 300g
Diced shoulder to make into pork pie: 1 x 300g
Mince 1.5kg
Offcuts for Sausages 2.5kg
Spare ribs for roasting
Piece of back fat and skin to make crackling or scratchings
2 trotters
1 hock

Various bones for stock

Lots of fat to make lard

Belly (bone in) 1.3kg 
Belly (bone in) 1kg
Hand 2.1kg
Shoulder (Spare rib roast) 3.4kg
Shoulder (Spare rib roast) 2kg.  

Half leg for Ham 2.9kg
Piece for Lardons 
Back Bacon 728g 
Belly Bacon
Eye of Loin for Lonzino 

Waste: 1.8kg

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  1. Superb - very jealous of you.

    We once had half a pig off Lesley from the Omlet forum. A great investment and delicious pork!

    Great pictures too! Will help people no end!