Saturday, 11 February 2012


This morning it's -11.6 outside.

Girls are currently still shut in their Run, I'll let them out to free range in an hour or so.   Tilda wasn't around when I went to defrost the water so, with some trepidation actually,  I went round to the egg port on the coop to see whether she was OK.

She was fine (thank goodness).  But apparently not ready to come downstairs yet.

Treadmilling in a moment, then I'll get showered and dressed and go and see how the freezer in the shed is coping with the extremes.  Sometimes they don't cope with low ambient temperatures, which is why many (most?) freezers - even chest freezers - invalidate their guarantee if they are stored in a garage/shed/outhouse.   The thermostats get confused and they start increasing their temperature.    I'm sure I paid extra to buy a freezer designed and guaranteed to be outhouse friendly.... but I still need to check.   We have all that lovely new pork in there.

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