Monday, 24 October 2011

Having a fit

Did a bit of a long motorway journey today. 

Got back, and my bonnet was badly marked by the eyelashes.  My heart sank. I gingerley rubbed one of the marks with my finger - it didn't move.  I wetted said finger, and tried again. No luck.

DH was on the phone when I went into the house. Got a clean microfibre cloth and wetted it, and also picked up the Fairy Liquid.

The marks came off.

I am somewhat relieved.


  1. Eyelashes?

    Have I missed something? LOL

  2. HI Clare
    Yes! My emarrassing "secret". I have a new (to me) car, and it has round headlights, giving her a very girly look. I succumbed and - completely out of character - bought some eyelashes for her. Even though I feel very sheepish about it, everytime I see her, they make me smile.