Monday, 17 October 2011

Dentist time

Lost a tooth on Saturday. Well, lost the enamel from round a filling.     Went to a party Saturday night and had to make sure I didn't do any wide-mouthed grinning.

Phoned for an apoointment this morning. Usual receptionist wasn't there, it was a lady with an eastern european accent.  I explained that I'd like to see Mr H.  No, it wasn't for a checkup, I'd lost part of my tooth.  

She gave me the time for the appointment, and I had to suppress a chuckle.  I wish the usual receptionist had been on duty, as I would have shared the joke with her.

What was so funny?  The appointment time.  2.30.

I think that must have been one of the first pun based jokes my dad ever told me.

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