Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today I made four Christmas Cakes (2 using Delia's fabulous "Creole Cake" recipe, and 2 using her Traditional recipe).   Fortunately the young ladies on the allotment have been busy laying, and a set of scales helped me work out how many of their smaller eggs I needed for the stated quantity of size 1 eggs.  In case you are interested, a size 1 egg, without shell,  is about 50g - 55g (ish)  of egg.   I needed just over 250g (not counting shell) of eggs for each of the Creoles,  and just over 100g (ncs) for each of the 2 Trads.  

They are all in the ovens now, and the kitchen smells very warm and fruity.

Then I started on making Quince Jelly.  I'm starting with the pure and proper Quince.  It's made and in jars (5 half pound jars, plus a smidgeon extra), and is beautifully clear and set. I'm glad I resisted the temptation to squeeze the bag; I would have got more juice, but it would have been cloudy.  I'm looking forward to having some on my breakfast toast tomorrow.

The japonica and lemon juice is looking very murky,  so I need to strain that before turning it into jelly.   I'll do that later, I'm a bit cooked-out at the moment. 

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