Monday, 3 October 2011


So, what was it that I bought for my car, that shocked me and makes DH think the real me has been abducted by aliens?

Eyelashes for my car.

I know. I know. 
I saw a car the same model as mine with them and I found myself thinking "wow, she looks really cute with those....".  ("she" being the car.  There is something about the car that makes her very feminine.) "...but I wouldn't have them on mine".  

Then I found myself looking at my car thinking "You'd look really cute with eyelashes".

And then I found myself searching for them.

And then I bought them.

And then they arrived.

I've changed my mind several times since they arrived....and today I found myself putting them on. On the car, that is.

She does look rather fetching.
(HIghlight the missing words to reveal my embarrassing secret).

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