Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Quince, yet again

I'm embarking on my fourth and final lot of Quince related preserves today.This time I am making jelly whith 3/4 Quince and 1/4 Japonicas (ornamental quince)

The Quince jelly is lovely.  Clare mentioned that she finds Quince jelly a bit tasteless, and I can see why she thinks that.  I think it has a very delicate flavour, and it gets totally lost on robust things like crumpets - but it is lovely on, say, scones.

The Japonica jelly is completely different.  A sharper flabvour. Still surprisingly moreish.

The lemon and Japonica "shredless marmalade" (which is actually Japonica and Lemon Jelly, given a name more suitable to the emd resul) is very sharp, and makes a good breakfast marmalade.

I'm interested tofind out what the combined QUince and Japonicas will produce. I'm hoping for the best of both  - a slightly less delicate Quince flavour, but without being completely in-yer-face.   I'm actually wondering if I should have used less Japonicas?  Is a quarter still too much?  Oh well, we'll find out in a couple of days.

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