Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tree Surgery

We have a number of fruit trees in the garden.  When we moved here, 13 years ago, there were 3 very old apple trees, and ancient plum, greengage, pear and cherry trees.     Not long after we moved in, we employed the services of a proper, qaualified and insured, tree surgeon to sort the trees out.

It was awful. 

We didn't realise at the time, being new to trees never mind fruit trees.  Yes, they tidied the trees up. But they cut away a lot of the accessible branches.

Now we have trees which are too tall, and where a lot of the fruit bearing branches are way, way, waaaaaay out of reach.   We decided to try a tree surgeon again.

So, a lovely chap called Mark came today.  Same tree surgeon we get our logs from.     We decided to have the poor old greengage out completely - no chance of getting fruit bearing branches anywhere in reach.     The three apples will be pruned as well, to reduce height and thin them out.  

I explained what happened last time.    Mark has said he will aim to leave the fruit bearing branches.

Goodness know what it'll cost...we should have the quote in a day or two.


  1. I re-trained as a tree surgeon about six years and made the same mistake that you experienced once. After misunderstanding the customers' wishes, I ended up taking off almost all fruit-bearing branches of a squat damson tree. Fresh from MEWP training from promaxaccess.com, I think I jumped into it head first but after seeing the devastation on the elderly couples' faces; I *always* find out *exactly* what they want now. Sorry you had to experience the misfortune that I once visited on somebody!