Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Surprise moult

Did I mention that I kept finding vast quantities of orange feathers in (a) the poo trays, (b) the nest box and (c) the run?

It's Custard.  She has Borg-inspired technology on one side of her neck, which closer inspection shows to be new feather shafts.  So, I can assume she's not being pecked.

I am surprised that she's moulting though.  She was only hatched in 2010, same time as Florence, TIlda and Roobarb.  Mind you, she did start laying at a remarkable young age, so maybe she's on some sort of accelerated development.

I'm just watching them through the kitchen window, it's one of those rare moments when all of them are together:  8 fluffy bottoms.  I love my chooks.

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