Monday, 17 January 2011

Girls Don't Like The Noise

The Tree surgeons are here.

Girls were shut in, and all their fencing dismantled.  They really didn't like the noise.  Delilah and Milly (the Ancient and the SecondOldest of the flock) took themselves up the steps and into the Cube for refuge.  Delilah doesn't lay any more, so we know she wasn't visiting the nest box.

The poor old greengage tree is no more.  It didn't take long.    It's very sad taking out trees, even if they are "just" fruit trees.   It really was time for it to go.  Even on a ladder and using our super-extended picker, it was difficult to reach the fruit.

It hasn't made as big a difference to the look of the fenceline as I expected - which is a good thing.

We're keeping the logs. They won't be ready to burn until next winter, of course, as they have to season. 

Work has started on thinning the crown of our Russet apple tree. I can't watch.

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