Monday, 31 January 2011

Lemon Curd in super easy Yoghurt ice cream

I was watching Market Kitchen the other day,  and Rachel Allen showed how to make a Lemon Curd Ice Cream using greek yoghurt and creme fraiche.   I looked up the recipe online and saved it, as that as the recipe that got me to get off my bottom and make the lemon curd.

I made it yesterday.  It was delicious.   She uses Greel Yoghurt + Creme Fraiche + Lemon curd + a bit of grated ginger. stirred, put into a freezer-proof container, and frozen for at least 3 hours.  No stirring to break up ice crystals,  no churning needed.  I almost omitted the ginger, I'm glad I didn't because it didn't overpower the flavours (which is what I had feared), instead it "lifted" the flavours making them seem even more fresh.

Here's a link to her recipe, which includes instructions on making lemon curd:

Just in case the recipe page moves,  here are my notes for myself:
The recipe is  1.5 parts greek yoghurt, 1.5 parts creme fraiche,  1 part lemon curd,  then 1 teaspoon of ginger per 100ml of lemon curd. 
I made half her stated quantity, which meant 300ml GY, 300ml CF,  200ml Lemon Curd,  2 tsp grated ginger.

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