Saturday, 8 January 2011

Another new egg!

Yesterday I found a small brown egg in the Run.  I guessed it might belong to 'Tilda, as she has been crouching for me lately.

This morning, I found another small egg, off-white this time, in the nest box,  and 'Tilda was in the Cube.  She came to see me as I was collecting the eggs, and sat and let me stroke her 

So, the evidence suggests the nestbox egg was Tilda's. But it isn't the same as the one I found in the Run,  so does one of them actually belong to Roobarb (the only other yet-to-lay Girl)?    Roobarb is showing no signs of laying..she doesn't crouch.

I expect we'll find out eventually.

Oh, and I also found lots - and lots - of feathers in the poo trays and some in the Run.  I know from the colour that they belong to either 'Tilda or Custard, but I can't tell which one.   Both are too young to moult (I would have thought?).   

Another thing to keep an eye on.

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