Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Girls Help Out

The Tree Surgeon is coming on Monday to deal with the fruit trees, so we spent some time today moving things which would be in the way.

First up, the Ferns from the shady part of the garden,  and one of those paired-seat things from under the apple tree.   The Girls shouted encouragement from their free range area,

Next, in the Girls free ranging area, we started moving the other Cube. The Girls got very excited and came to help.   I put ome tracks down - a removable garden path - and these had to be inspected. Although the Girls have had free access to the land on which the tracks now sat,  they were very interested in the gaps between the tracks.

They were all over us, and trying to get in and under the Cube as we moved it.  Two of the girls started excavating the area which had been under the cube and that they hadn't been able to get to before.

We parked the Cube, resting it on a raised bed.  Custard got under the CIbe run, and decided to climb the CUbe ladder.  She couldn't understand why the door to the Cube itself was shut.   We got her out, and moved the Cube so the run rested on the ground.

I then took the opportunity to rake up the debris from one of the beds that the Girls have been clearing for us.  As I raked and put the rakings in a box, the Girls couldn't contain their excitement.  They were trying to excavate the box to see what was in there. They were on my rake, under my rake, and then back in the Bed to clear it some more.

I love my chickens.

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