Sunday, 9 January 2011

Double take

Lily manages to escape frequently.   She flies over the netting, despite having a newly-clipped wing,  or she just finds a teeny tiny gap and squeezes and squozes until she gets through.

I found one of her gaps yesterday, and blocked it up with a large piece of concrete edging.  I was a little concerned that it might fall and flatten an unsuspecting chook, so I wiggled and woggled it until I was reasonably sure it was safe.   She didn't get out at all yesterday,

This morning I as sitting by the french windows in the kitchen, having a cup of tea and some leftover christmas cake.  I was studying the crossword, but I still saw her out of the corner of my eye.  I looked up, and Lily marched across the paving in front of the window.   I sighed, and got on with my crossword.

Then I saw a darker shape out of the corner of my eye.  I did a double take as I saw Milly looking in the french window at me.   It took a few seconds for my brain to compute that Milly  was out as well.  As I was trying to work this out,   I saw Tilda on the patio as well!

I rushed out, offering corn to them (as a reward for coming to see me) . Milly crouched (I don't remember the last time she did that for me!).  I looked around the fencing and saw that  Lily had managed to dislodge the fencing from the Edging stone.  Cheeky monkey.

All three girls let themselves be caught and returned,  and the gao has been repaired.   Not sure how long it will last.

Tilda and Milly were so excited to be out, both of them left me a present on the patio - one on the mat.   Bless 'em. Our outside tap is turned off at the mains at the moment, because we're getting severe frosts. 

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