Thursday, 25 February 2010


This morning, Mrs Flint looked much better.  When I let her out into her own little run first thing, she was busy munching grass and calling for other birds.  We were going out for the day, so we had to leave her to it.

We got back at about 4.30pm and I opened the run door to get her. She came towards me, then zoomed past me into the garden.  She led me a merry dance in the rain while I tried to recapture her.  Fortunately for me, she get herself into a corner, so I could pick her up and bring her in.

I bathed her comb and face,  and most of the blood came off.  There is a cut on her comb, which we covered with purple spray.  She seems very brught, so we've decided to take her back to the allotment this evening, so she can settle back in with the others.
Two of the silver cockerels have been dispatched, and the other one is on his way to his new home.   The remaining bunch seem calm at the moment, hopefully Mrs F's reappearance won't disrupt things too much.

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