Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pogo (PegLeg) Pictures

Pegleg (or Pogo, which describes her more accurately) and the silver-ringed hen are settling in nicely.  SilverRing has also started to make herself at home in the nestbox, spending quite a lot of time today tidying it up.  She's exhibiting broody behaviour, which puzzles us a bit as she hasn't, as far as we know, started to lay yet! Maybe she's feeling the advent of her First Egg, and is getting ready?

Pogo is is pogoing around, and eating happily.  She sits down on the ground from time to time.  They were both very vocal today, they aren't used to being confined to such a small run.    So, we dug out some more netting and made them a bit of a free range area outside the Eglu run.

Of course one of them had to escape while it was being assembled, but it looked like an accidental escape as she was happy to be caught and put back in the pen.

Here's Pogo: 

Here's SilverRing:

Here's SilverRing, nesting:

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