Friday, 19 February 2010

Allotment Update

I haven't accompanied DH to the allotment for over a week now (been working), so I only have info from DH to impart.

One of the baby brown-egg-Dorkings has started to lay? We don't know which one, but we're now regularly getting two eggs in the nest box. One shiny one from Mrs Flint and one smaller, less shiny one.

Mrs Flint seems to be managing OK, we're keeping an eye on her. 
The rest of the gang haven't quite got the hang of using their new coop,  they queue up outside their old (closed) coop door in the evening. DH or other chap ends up having to escort them into the new coop at night.

We're probably going to have to fence off the old coop for a while, so they can't get to the door.

One of the Mrss Roo (how do you write the plural of Mrs?) is laying reasonably regularly, the other one hasn't started.  We're moving them on to breeders pellets at the weekend.
No other news at the moment.  I'll see them myselves at the weekend and will let you know how they are all getting on.

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  1. Oh, neat! More eggs! Hope they get the coop thing figured out soon.