Friday, 19 February 2010

Just Like That

We went to see Clive Mantle playing Tommy Cooper in "Just Like That" last night.    I heard him doing a piece Radio 4 and he sounded so convincing I decided we should try and get tickets.  The nearest venue to us - which isn't actually very near at all - was Guildford, and I managed to get two tickets.

He made a very convincing Tommy Cooper - he's the right height for it, and he had the stance and voice off perfectly.   For the first half of the Act, he's doing Tommy Cooper's act.  The jokes, the tricks, everything exactly as one might remember it.

The second half of the show started with Tommy in his dressing room in the interval of his show.  It was very revealing;   I was very young when Tommy Cooper died, so all I remember was his show - I didn't know anything about the man behind the act.    And then Tommy does the second half of his show.

It was very funny,  and very poignant.   

If you liked Tommy Cooper, then definitely try and see this show!

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