Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Egg eater?

I didn't get to collect the eggs on Sunday. I was working (from home) from 10.15 until about 7.15, stopping only for one cup of tea.

Yesterday DH checked for eggs and found a real mess.  There were 5 eggs in the nest box, of which 2 were broken.  One was crushed completely (it could have been a Delilah egg as she's been threatening to lay for days now; her egg shells are very thin and fragile),  and one had a big hole in it.  We aren't sure whether it was an accidental foot hole,  or whether it was a beak hole.  The shell had no egg in, but there was such a mess from the crushed egg it was impossible to tell whether it was goo from one or two eggs.

DH also managed to drop one of the three remaining eggs, trying to hold everything and clean out the gunk.

Today we've been down to the nest box several times and have collected two eggs so far : one from Daisy, one from Lily.

I do hope we don't have an egg eater.  Not only will it be difficult to work out who the culprit is, it's a difficult thing to stop once it starts.

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