Friday, 26 February 2010

PegLeg. Again.

So, PegLeg came home and was popped into the Eglu run.  She ran - or rather, hopped - straight into the Eglu, and wouldn't come out.  It was incredibly windy, so I thought that was probably a contributory factor.

I popped some pasta into the run when I gave the Garden Girls their afternoon treat.  She stayed in the Eglu.

I popped some corn into the run when I gave the Girls their evenng corn and shut them up into their run at 5.30. PegLeg stayed in the Eglu.

At 6pm I phoned DH and asked him to go to the Allotment and to bring back one of the others. Grey-ring probably,  as Mrs Flint and BlueRing are both laying now and should stay at the allotment.  PegLeg has never been on her own, and I think that she is probably feeling very lonely as well as unsure of her new environment.  To avoid reintegration issues for the companion hen, in case anything happens to PegLeg,  I think we'll need to do a companion swap on Sunday night or Monday morning.

I know I'm being a bit of a girly, but I do just want to do The Right Thing.


  1. I know it goes against accepted wisdom...but I have NEVER had any issues with re introductions , when I have removed a hen for only a few days or so.

    Just to let you know and sorry you are having such a time of it.

  2. Thanks Sarah, it's reassuring to hear that you've not had reintro problems - were your birds kept in sight of the flock or away completely?

    In the meantime, the goings-on are keeping us from getting complacent an, in the grand scheme of things, are only minor blips really.

  3. If it was a long term thing, I made up a pen inside the pen, and put the house in there, so the isolated hen could still be seen by the others.

    But, I have also removed completely and then put back several days later, with no major problems

    And in the case of broody hens, they go out of sight of the others for weeks and weeks whilst sitting and with young chicks, but seem to re integrate back with their pals with no issues at all when its time to leave the young pullets.....

    But that is just my experience :-) maybe I have a very friendly bunch of hens? Goodluck, anyway