Wednesday, 3 February 2010


My lovely neighbour, C, rang the doorbell today.

I opened the door and invited her in, and she turned and pointed at the front garden.  Or, to be specific, she pointed at Daisy who was munching grass on the front lawn.  She had actually been eating the grass in Next-Door's front garden, which is how she got spotted.

Daisy escapes her enclosure occasionally, by limbo-ing under any carelessly placed netting.   She tends to munch the grass in the back garden, and then she comes and taps on the french window to ask for corn.   Today she managed to find her way all the way to the garden gate,  and to find the small gap in the trellis which is there to let the cats pass through easily.
I had a quick inspect, but I can't see where she got through.  It's time to move the fencing to the other side of the garden anyway, so hopefully that will fix it.

EDITED: I've now rearranged the fencing so they have half the area we jokingly call "the lawn".  There's lots of grass there (although it won't have any nutritional value), and I'll swap them to the other half of this area in a week or so.


  1. thank you for your nice blog comment
    make sure yourgirls are locked up!!!

  2. Sneaky girl. I suppose our chickens could fly over the fence if they really tried, but they are fat and lazy and so far I've been lucky. As John said, the tricky part is remembering to lock them up before it is dark.