Sunday, 7 February 2010


DH grows fantastic parnips.  There is something about a parsnip that goes from garden fork to kitchen fork within a couple of hours.  The sugars stay sweet and don't turn to starch.

DH fancied trying parsnip crisps (US=chips).  We've had them before, both home made and shop bought.  He doesn't like the shop bought ones very much.  So, we dug out the deep fat fryer, which hasn't been used since we did this last year,  and set about making crisps. 

Do parsnip crisps count towards one's "5 a day"?  

We had a few bits of parsnip left which were too small to be turned into crisps, so I steamed them until they were completely mushy, and we had mashed parsnip with our dinner.  Anyone who knows my DH will be scoffing in disbelief at this point, because it's a well known fact that he doesn't eat vegetables.    (He does eat some vegetables, provided they are completely mushy and provided they never had chlorophyll in them, ever).

This morning I thought I'd see what the Girls thought of mashed parsnip.  Hi-larious!  If they were kids they'd be beaming at me with parsnip all round their faces.

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