Sunday, 1 March 2009

Who's laying now?

Last week I found a couple of softees in the poo tray (not on the same day).

And for the last three days, we've had a small brown egg in the nest box. Pefectly formed, al ittle rough on the shell, but beautiful. We ate two of them for breakfast this morning (along with 2 of Milly's Beautiful Blues), and we aren't sure who laid them.

It's most likely to be Jasmine. She's well past the age when she should have started laying... but these eggs are quite brown but not dark brown. She's a Welsummer, so she should lay mahogany coloured eggs. Maybe they start out light brown and gradually darken? Jasmine has been crouching for me recently, which makes her the Prime Suspect.

It could be Daisy, and they are the sort of colour I would expect an Amber Star to lay. But Daisy is very young, her comb and wattles are barely there, and she's not been crouching.

Or maybe Delilah. But they are far too small for Delilah. Although she hasn't laid really since she started to moult last November, so it might be her getting back into the swing of it?

I think it's Jasmine. I hope they do get darker though, as the breeder talked me out of buying a Maran in favour of a Welsummer when I said I wanted dark eggs.

Time will tell, I suppose, I'm just not very patient!

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