Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Creatures of Habit

Some time ago, one of my brothers asked if he could have our old "pond". It's one of those cheap circular plastic things that you bury in the ground, we'd been using it to hold our stone fountain but it eventually sagged and needed replacing with something stronger. It was relegated to standing somewhere behind the shed.

When Darling Brother 2 (DB2) asked about it, we eventually uncovered it, cleaned it up, found the flaps, and then put it by the back door ready for him to collect.

During the winter, it filled up with rainwater. And then the chickens started to use it as theit water supply. It never ceases to amaze me that the Girls (and the Cats) like to drink from dirty puddles or other stagnant pools.

The cats drink from anywhere on it, but the Girls only ever drink from one little section. I've now found myself keeping it topped up, and emptying it, cleaning it, and refilling it for them every so often.

It's been very warm for a few days, and the level of the water in their one section has gone down considerably, to the point where they have to stick their heads deep deep deep inside. But still they insist on only using that one section.

Funny girls.

I didn't fill up their little section, and they got very vocal about it. In the end, in fear of upsetting the neighbours, I gave in and topped it up.

They rewarded me by having a Benny Hill chase with a mouse.

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