Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chickens, Cat and Mouse, and Benny Hill

DH just came in, chuckling. Washburn (ginger cat) had caught a mouse but had then managed to lose it. Cat was watching for Mouse by a planter, with Jasmine (our least intelligent Girl) standing the other side, also watching.

I was getting a sense of deja vu at this point, having been through something similar with Wash and Milly some months ago.

DH went out to rescue Mouse, but the poor thing bit him and got dropped.

Too late to save him, DH came in.

We then saw Delilah running past the kitchen window with the mouse in her beak, hotly pursed by Jasmine. Every time Delilah stopped to try and take a bite Jasmine tied to steal it., so Delilah had to pick it up again and run on (The mouse was definitely dead by now,otherwise we would have intervened).

Delilah hid behind a flowerpot, and I went out to take a picture.

Delilah, presumably thinking I was after her mouse, was then off again pursued relentlessly by Jasmine. They ran past Milly who had no idea what was going on but being a Chicken, decided to join in anyway.
And as Delilah passed Lily, she joined in too

And I had the wonderful spectacle of a full-on chicken chase around the garden, a la Benny Hill.

They were all moving so quickly, it was difficult to get the pictures.

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