Sunday, 22 March 2009

Solar water heating

At last, DH has had an opportunity to fit the solar panels for the water heating!

it's been some time now since the bits arrived, and since the special cylinder was fitted; with a few consecutive days of forecast good weather (and getting fed up of moving the frame every time we wanted to get to the cupboards in the study) DH was able to hire one of thos platform thingys so he could get on to the roof in safety.

It took a couple of days in total, which included building the platform, putting up the panel, connecting it to the pipes, testing it, fitting the tubes, testing it again, changing the settings, and then dismantling the platform.

It's been very efficient at heating the water during the day, needed some tweaking to get the settings right for overnight. We'll see what happens later today when the sun has gone down.

It doesn't look too awful on the roof, either, so that's a bonus.

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