Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Marzipanning a Cake

DsD is coming atthe weekend so we can decorate her wedding cakes together. So, today, I needed to get the bottom layer marzipanned.

The cake has been fed once a week or so since it was made, so it looks very rich

I put the apricot jam on to boil...

..and set about kneading the marzipan. The cake is 10 inches in diameter, so it needed about 2 and a half pounds of marzipan.

I used a little bit of the marzipan to fill "sultana" gaps, and taround the bottom of the cake.

Next, I measured out the size of the cake including the sides, so I knew how big a circle of marzipan I need.

By this time, the jam was ready....

..so I covered the cake with it.

And then I rolled out the marzipan, and lifted it on to the cake.....

....then with some smoothing and cutting, it was eventually done.

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