Monday, 7 July 2008

Three days in

The weather today is atrocious!

Thunder, torrential rain... Despite us covering the top and one side of their Run, the poor Littlees have been going back into the Eglu to shelter from the weather.

Mop-head (we still haven't settled on names) continues to be the most inquisitive of the two, despite the fact that she is much younger. Yesterday, I decided to introduce a "treat" for them, and put some little pieces of cucumber on the Run floor. Mop-head was the first to try; Welsummer, who is a little bit slow on the uptake, kept trying to steal from her friend, ignoring the fact that there was plenty of cucumber for both of them!

Today I tried them on a couple of broccolli florets; same pattern as yesterday. What was really sweet today was that when I "click clicked" they came running out tof the coop to see me. Cupboard love!

Last night, after they'd been in bed for an hour or so, I opened the egg port and took them out one at a time for a hold. They weren't too keen on that idea, so I only held them for a few seconds. I was going to try again tonight, but the weather really is appalling, so it'll have to wait.

We've had them three days, and we've already moved the Eglu twice! There was so much poo! The good thing with the rain is that we'll be able to move them back on to previously used ground in a few days, which is just as well as we've probably got 3 more moves in this part of the garden before we have to find somewhere else in the garden for them to enjoy.

The (existing) Girls don't seem to have realised that there are other chooks around. it's not surprising, as there is a big Pampas grass between them, and the Little-ees only make quiet cheep cheeep cheeeep noises.

We've started to weigh their food now. We didn't do this on the first day, but I know that on the second day they ate 80g between them, and yesterday they ate 95g between them. Once they are hand tame then I'll weigh the birds themselves as well, so we can keep track.

The Cats still seem to be mostly ignoring the newcomers, but that might be because the weather isn't very good for Watching.

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