Monday, 14 July 2008

Smile for the Camera

continues to be happy being scooped up and/or stroked, especially if cucumber is involved. She's as light as a feather, and very quick witted. The Welsummer (I'm trying "Sonja" now, as she's very red) is still shy. I picked her up from the nestbox, and she really doesn't like it. I'm having to take it very slowly with her; it's difficult to make progress as Mophead always wants to be the centre of attention!

They are both quite large now, compared to what they were when we got them. Mophead's wings still aren't straight, which worries me, but she's so bright and active.

I dusted them both with red mite powder yesterday, as a precaution. I don't think I'll be suffering from red mites in the near future either, as I'm also very well dusted.

They are still eating about 100g or so of pellets between them each day. We are keeping the pop hole shut overnight, at some stage we'll leave it open so they can get used to it.

Haven't let them out to Range yet. They are so small and light, they'd find it really easy to jump over the netting. I'm thinking I might wait until they are both 15 weeks (so 15 and 16 technically), as I'll be able to clip one wing then.

We've put an extra shade over the Eglu run, as it's very bright in there; and the corrugated roofing makes it a bit warm too.

Although they are in the line of sight of the Big Girls, the Big Girls don't seem to be taking any notice.

Mon Afternoon
Have taken loads of pictures, Mophead wanted to get in to all the photos.

We might have names (again). DH started calling Mophead "Mildred", apparently her hair-do reminded him of Mildred Roper in George and Mildred. Well, he had just come back from the pub, so what can you expect? Not too keen on the name "Mildred" as I'm trying to avoid "old lady names" (apologies to anyone I've just offended), but I can live with "Milly" I think. And the Welsummer, who has been through two names so far is now trying on "Jasmine" for size. I'd been reserving "Jasmine" for a completely different type of hen, but the poor baby needs a name! I'll try it for a couple of days and see if it sticks.

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