Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Big Girls raise the Alarm

Scarlett has taken to crowing a bit at about 7.30 in the morning. We aren't sure whether she just does it, or whether something sets her off. We have a footpath at the bottom of the garden, and people are always exercising their dogs there, so it's quite possible. She also gets agitated when Cyril the Squirrel is around, and he's been around a lot.

Anyway. Humungus amount of crowing this morning. It was 5.15 am, early even for her. DH got up, bleary eyed, and looked out of the window. Something was definitely up as the Isabelle (our Cat) was lying on the "lawn" near the Littlees Eglu.

I got up, pulled on a dressing gown, and came downstairs. Fumbled trying to find the door keys, I wasn't really awake. As I opened the door I saw the cat lying in an unusual position, and wondered what on earth was going on.

When I opened the door, Izzy tried to get up, but she was caught in the netting. She panicked a bit and struggled, andI tried to calm her down while I approached her. In fact, she managed to wiggle free just as I got there. She's fine. A bit embarrassed/put out perhaps, but no signs of any serious injury.

We don't know whether the Big Girls raised the alarm because the cat got stuck, or whether they raised the alarm because Izzy was investigating the Eglu, causing her to run and then get stuck.

At least we know there was a reason for it.

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