Friday, 25 July 2008

Austrian chickens?

I had a wonderful surprise last night. My very dear friend Susi, who is from Austria, emailed me to say she would be in England, in my local town, for half a day, and would I like to meet up for coffee today.

Susi and I worked together for many years, she in Austria and me in the UK, until she left the Company six? years ago. We've remained good friends since, despite not actually seeing each other for several years. We email intermittently, and it's always as though we haven't been apart.

Anyway, what's this doing on my chicken keeping blog?

Well, took her four eggs, including one laid this morning in one of my "Laid by my lovely Garden Girls" boxes.... and it turns out that she has been talking to her husband about keeping chickens! He's not too keen (now where have I heard that before?). How cool is that?

I wish she had been here for longer, she and Gunthe could have come to my house to meet my Girls and their Cube. Next time, maybe.

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  1. Dear Hazel,

    It was also a wonderful surprise to me to see you and that we both want to keep hens.

    Your wish became through, mine has to wait until I have convinced my husband. First he wants a dog, let´s see, if we can find somewhere in the middle.

    The eggs from your hens tasted excellent and when I saw how easy it would be to get a nice cube, I was more and more convinced, that I definitely want some :-)

    I am looking forward to meet you again - with or without hens.