Thursday, 17 July 2008

Give her an inch....

Decided to let the Littlees out for a bit. I staked out about half a square metre outside their Run door, opened the door and waited.

Milly came zooming out, not stopping for the netting. The netting caught her, she reversed up, and tried again. Stopped, ate some grass, looked around to see the Big Girls getting very agitated at the sudden appearance of two new hens.

And then Milly tried again. This time she squeezed and squozed, and popped through the netting. I scooped her up, she tried top eat my jumper at various strategic points, and was very curious about the world around. I put her down in the Run and doubled up the netting. She escaped again while I was doubling up.

She's obviously still a bit too small for Going Outside, so I'll let them have a bit longer this afternoon, while I'm watching them, and then put the netting away and try again next week.

Scratch that. Whilst typing that last paragraph I saw Milly walking down the garden. I rushed out and scooped her up and put her back in the Eglu run. Fortunately, Washburn was busy sitting on the fence and didn't seem to have spotted a small, snack-sized, chicken walking past.

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  1. Hi, have just read my way thru the whole! of your chicken blog :) it was a good read, lovely to hear about your day to day life...sorry for your loss tho.

    Look forward to more!