Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Growing girls

The (still unnamed) Littlees are growing!

We keep finding baby feathers around the Run; we haven't seen any signs of feather pecking, so we're assuming that it's just the new feathers growing through.

Yesterday they ate 116g of pellets between them, another increase on the previous day. Had a quick hold last night, but they aren't used to it so I only held them briefly.

This morning, Mophead decided to make a break for freedom. I opened the pophole, and realised I'd forgotten to bring out the pellets. I went back in, got the pellets, and opened the Run door to hang it up. Whoosh! Mophead was out. I fixed the Grub, shut the door, and found her running up and down outside the Eglu run. She didn't really know what to do with her freedom now she had it. She let me catch her, and all was well.

I wanted to go down the garden to check on the Big Girls, of course I had to come in and wash my hands first. No point in keeping them apart for bio security reasons if I'm going to go from one to the other without washing hands!

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