Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Not again :-(

Yesterday afternoon, Jasmine stayed in the dustbath on her own for a while. When she got out, she couldn't stand up. She kept falling over, tried to stand, fell over again. It was horrible. I got out all my chicken books, posted on the internet, to try and find out why she should be "off her legs".

After 5-10 minutes she was "OK". She was walking, then sitting, then walking. Much later, she was perfectly fine, no sign of problems at all.

I phoned the breeder for advice. Sounds like she's not getting the nutrients she needs. I feed growers pellets, which should be all they need; they have ad lib access to, and eat, oyster shell & grit; they've been getting cucumber and tomatoes as treats. They've been eating well (100-150g between them). The inputs are OK, which means that she might have a parasite which is stopping her getting the nutrients from the food she eats.

I was going to worm them next week anyway, so I started worming them yesterday. I've also ordered some stuff from my Vet which deals with/and is a preventative for other parasites, such as lice, mites and fleas; it'll be in today, so I'll start her and Milly on that as well.

She seems fine this morning, but we'll keep them in their Eglu run until later on today, then let them out for a bit of ranging. maybe she overdosed on grass instead of pellets for the last couple of days?

Fingers crossed.

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