Friday, 4 July 2008

They're here! (updated)

Well, the babies are here.

We collected them from the wonderful Alison at Hook Farm this morning. They are very small! The Welsummer is 13 weeks old, the Cream Legbar is 12 weeks old. They're currently shut up in the Eglu to recover from the journey, and I'll be letting them out into their Eglu Run in about half an hour or so.

Washburn appeared within seconds of us putting the girls in, and he's been sniffing all over the Eglu trying to work out how to get in to get his lunch.

Haven't decided on names yet. I've got a couple in mind, but I'm not sure. They're paired names, and I've never paired my pets' names before (as you're potentially left with a pet with a silly sounding name if one of them dies!).

I'll post pics later.

We opened the Eglu door at 12.30, and left them to emerge in their own time. Legbar, the youngest, ventured out first, followed later by Welsummer. They spent a few minutes eating grass, worknig their way down the run. Legbar found the water and had a long drink, and some time later she found the pellets.

They've been in and out of the Eglu a few time, but seem OK. It's a lovely day for it; we've put an extra shade cover over the run as it's probably a bit too hot for them.

Have taken some pics, but as thwy were through the run bars you can't see too much. Will see if I can find a reasonable one to add later.

Here are some pics.
Firstly, one so you can see how small they are compared to the Eglu; then a profile of the Legbar; and then one of the pair of them whic is not a flattering pic of the Welsummer, she's stretching upwards and this makes her look like a Game Bird!; and finally a snap of the two of them

Later still (6pm)

They've been rootling about in the grass, eating their pellets, drinking the water, sitting and dozing.... I'm a bit concerned that the Legbar's wings are not horizontal, they are pointing downwards slightly. If you know what you're looking for, you can see it in the second picture above.

I know this isn't a good thing in older birds, so I'm really hoping it's just because she's hot/tired/young. I'll see how she goes tomorrow and, if there's no change, then maybe ring the breeder for advice.

Both Isobelle and Washburn (cats) are feigning indifference to the Littlies.

And It's good night (7.45pm)
At last! After half an hour of to-ing/fro-ing will they/won't they, the Littlies finally went to bed. We closed the pop hole, took the food out of the Run, and breathed a sigh of relief.

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