Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Jibber Jabber

I had my jab on Friday.

I was very grateful to be called up for it.  Everything was well organised.

I had a bit of a reaction Friday night and Saturday,  and spent Saturday in bed.  Things were improved by Sunday,so I was up ad about but not doing much;   and much better by Monday.     I've reported the reactions via the Yellow Card online system,  in case they are linked to the medication I take.

I tried cleaning the bathroom on Monday, using a mop thing that is made by the same people (Air Craft)  that made the floor cleaner I use.  It's designed to clean walls and things, and it's a one head, adjustableangle, version of their floor mop,  specially designed for walls and...things.     I cleaned all the bathroom walls (it's all tiled),  the walk in shower (walls, floor, and ceiling).   I used the various brishes to lean the shower tray, the seat, the air vents.  It worked quite well, but I was not 100% fit when I started and I ended up with a problem in my hip or glutes. 

I'm not quite sure where the problem root is, or what I did. I couldn't sit down comfortably, I couldn't lay down comfortably.  I couldnt stand for too long. 

I managed to get an appointment with my Chiropracter on Tuesday,  and that helped a lot but hasn't fully fixed it yet.

DH and I went out for a short (3/4 mile) walk this afternoon, to see if that would help. It didn't particulaay feel the benefit tomorrow.  

I'm well behing with my daily fitness activities. . 

End result is I'm a little out of kilter.

I finally managed to finish two of the three tops this morning.  The third one I managed to need to unpick, and dug a hole by mistake (not in a temper,  it's think fabric and easily done).

The one with the cats the correct way round has a rubbish neckline, but lovely armhole piping.  It's still wearable, and I'm counting it as a win.    The one with upside down cats has a goodish neckline, and not great armholes.    It's definitely wearable, and I quite like seeing the cats looking up at me when I look down. 

Definitely a win. 



Total crafty things this year: 17
(Sewing based makes: 12;   learning activities: 4;  Non sewing based craft makes: 1. )

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