Monday, 2 May 2016

Give us a toile

I am determined to make an acceptable tee-shirt.

I have an ancient tee shirt which is made of very thin cotton and a little Lycra.  It has a teeny tiny amount of gather at the gorgeous scooped neckline, which makes it very flattering for a lady of my shape. It's too fragile to wear anymore and, for some time now, I've thought about making a version of it.I have been thinking about this for about a year now.

Youtube videos abound with tales of how to make a tee shirt.  However, they don't include this sort of gathered neckline.  I've previously bought some patterns (I've even bought the same pattern more than once, by mistake) which vaguely have a similar neckline, and maybe have gathering.  They aren't quite right.

I initially thought I could just add some gathering using a gathering foot... but I realised that would pull the shoulders down.  I watched a video on how to adjust a pattern, but when it got to the technical bit, the lady demonstrating assumed a level of knowledge I just didn't have, and it was beyond me.

I found a pattern that was fairly close, and I bought it.   I also learned how to use an overlocker and bought an overlocker.  The pattern is still too daunting for me.    I really needed to get on with it.

I invested (pun intended) in an online tank top pattern which was allegedly super easy.  I printed the 19 pieces of paper and carefully stuck them together.   I bought fabric.  Several sorts.

I was convinced that this wasn't going to fit me, so I decided to make a toile.  I bought calico (oops, should have been muslin. Never mind).   I cut the pattern out.  I cut the calico out.    I read the instructions (stupid unclear photos!!), and I watched some videos on using an overlocker to make tee shirts.    I decided that the pattern I'd bought was going to be too small, so there wasn't any point making the french seams, I might as well practice my overlocking instead.  I overlocked the sides, lovely job.     I hesitated about the shoulders. I couldn't quite see how overlocking would work on this style, maybe I needed the sewing machine?  I left them pinned and tried on the toile.

Too tight across the bust. Too long in the body.    Thank goodness I'd only wasted calico and not the expensive fabric.

I've booked to go on a copy-your-clothes workshop next week.  I'm sure once I have the right pattern, the right size,  I'll be able to do it.    I've seen the videos, it doesn't look that hard to actually sew the bits together.

Does it?

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