Thursday, 12 May 2016

Running Behind

I'm running behind.  I've got 4 birthdays falling in the next 3 days, and I'm so far behind that I considered buying birthday cards instead of making them.   3 of them have to be in the post today.

At the last minute I found a really special design for DH's BIL. 

It was a strange website,  a chap's wife used to do embroidery (I think) and retired,  but some of the special designs he sold via a page on his website.  It was obviously a small hobby thing, as the designs are sent by email after payment (instead of being able to download).

I paid, and waited.  Then I realised that my email providers spam blocker is a bit aggressive, so I logged in to the control panel to look at the messages which were blocked (didn't even reach my spam filter).   It's always like looking under the sofa, or moving the fridge... a lot more c*ap than you want to see!

Anyway, I couldn't see anything untoward, so I emailed the chap to ask him to send.   Some time later, I emailed again.  Then I emailed again from a different email address today.

Then I realised he's in Canada, where the fires are, so he's probably got a bit more on his mind than worrying about a random purchase.

So, I had to whip up something else.... a bit simple, but it's the thought that counts. (Font is Whimsy from Bunnycup Embroidery)

I had already identified a design for my SIL.  I saw this last year and thought of him (and of my cousin). 

I was just typing that this would be great for the other card I have to make, except it needed to be a little girl...and I've just realised what I can do to make the boy into a girl.  I could make the trousers pink, and match the stripes in the tee shirt to the trousers.   The little lady in question has short hair, so that will probably work. 

I'll have a go later.

And, finally,  my DSS2.  This one was a bit of a pain.  The stitch time alone (never mind actually pulling the designs together first, hooping, changing threads, getting the colours coordinated in the right places, cutting and trimming) was 75 minutes.  I spent a couple of hours last night, and then some more time this morning.

Part of me thinkis I should just have gone for the R robot with text "ichard", which was my original plan... but the R robot was not obviously a robot   Anyway, it doesn't matter, it's done now.

So, I need to do one more card today, and then I can have a got at some clothes stuff...  I went on a "copy your clothes" workshop on Tuesday, and I need to try and get this Tee shirt done before I forget what I've learned!

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