Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bleedin' careless

I've managed to achieve 3 separate bloody sewing incidents today.

Firstly, I was looking for some stabiliser in my new embroidery storage. I  have two rolls of stabiliser on a special holder with cutter, like you get in post rooms.  I forgot that the edge of the cutter is serrated and sharp, and I manged to catch the back of my hand.  

3 fingers bled quite a lot in the time it took me to get dowanstairs, open the plaster drawer, get the plasters out, and work out how to open them.

A little later, I managed to miss the end of my fabric  and nick the back of my index finger when using a rotary cutter.  That only bled a little bit.

And, finally, I was making a phone cross body case for my Great Neice.  The emebroidery machine needle was about to become entangled in a particularly thick bit of sewing, so I moved the fabric.  

Yes, of course I stopped the needle first, I'm not stupid.

The fabric was caugt around the embroidery foot, so I wiggled it and snipped until it got loose.  Then, to get it off, I used the foor up/down  button to drop the embroidery foot.   The needle went down at the same time, and got the side of my index finger.   That didn't bleed much and I thought it was OK.

It did, however, bleed profusely when I was turning the damned case the right way out.  If it wasn't for the blood stains, the case would be quite sweet.  

I used denim from an old pair of jeans, and some pretty ballet-related fabric.   The recipe also called for stabiliser, and I actually had the right one in my stash!    However, I think the denim was plenty thick enough with out the stabiliser,  so when I make it again, I think I'll omit the stabiliser.

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