Friday, 29 April 2016


Normally when I've made a big purchase, and said purchase has arrived, I sit and look at the box for a while. Days, actually.  Sometimes it's me contemplating whether I've made a purchase error; sometimes it just takes me a while to psyche myself up to get started.

I really needed to practice what I'd learned on my course. It's already been 9 days since the course, and I wasn't sure how much I'd remember.So, I opened it up straightaway.

It came "ready threaded", but this was actually literally just enough thread to thread it - none to actually sew with.

Never mind,  I had learned how to tie on new thread and pull it through. AND I'd already thought of using 4 different colour threads, so I could tell them apart while I started to practice.


Predictably, within seconds, I looked like this:
I struggled on for a bit longer, then I gave in and cut the threads...and attempted to re-thread from scratch.

I did it!

It was similar, but not the same, as the process for the machine I'd used on the course.  Actually, it was easier,  and understanding a bit about "upper loopers" and "lower loopers" etc etc really helped.

The Bernina also had a needle threader which took a bit of practice.  I'd seen it on a Youtube video the other day, so I kinda knew what to expect.

Then I sewed. I adjusted and sewed again. I played with this lever and that lever,  sewing a row each time so I could try and see what difference it makes.

And then I did a little happy dance around the kitchen.

I've made the right choice.

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