Saturday, 21 May 2016

Just in time. Again.

After my bleeding incident, I attempted the case again.   I used a different stabiliser, and I didn't listen to myself so I used interfacing as well.

It has a tall back pocket for the phone, secured by a tab and kam snap.
On the front it has three credit card pockets (not much use really for a child), and a zipped pocket at the bottom. 

The resulting case was still very thick (so thick that I couldn't quite turn the bottom corners out), but it was otherwise OK.

I did have to re-do a step, because the repurposed jeans fabric frayed like mad. For one of the pieces, between me starting with the project and me finishing it,  one edge had frayed so badly that it was significantly smaller than when I started, and the line of stitching missed it.   Luckily, I had a bit of room on the other side, so I unpicked it, moved it, re-sewed it.

 I could only find heart shaped kam snaps in that particular shade of pink and, of course, I put the blumming thing on upside down. It wouldn't have been noticeable on a round snap. Never mind. 

Finally, I thought about the strap.  I tried to make this in the denim, but it was just too thick and bulky.  So, I used the ballerina fabric, and this worked really well.  I had no idea how long it needed to be.   I put out a call for help, could anyone measure their 10 year old child and tell me how long the strap needed to be? - and got no help and some unhelpful comments. 

I found the leftover pink vest I bought for my neice's daughter, so I measured that... then I measured my husband (no boobs), and picked a length somewhere in the middle.

Miss T. loved it.  Really, really loved it.   It was a bit long, mainly because she is only 8 not 10 (rolls eyes) but it still fit for purpose.

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