Friday, 29 April 2016

Well, that was a longer break than I expected.   I'm feeling better now, much more like myself.

A evil cough overcame me. accompanied by a very high temperature and migraines.  It could hardly have come at a worse time... for the first time in months I had two paid-for things booked and I just didn't have time to be ill.

I spent a day and a half in bed trying to sweat it all out.  I got up on the Saturday, dosed myself up (and kept myself dosed and hydrated ) so I could attend a long-awaited "tea tasting" course in London with my friend Y.    Great course, really interesting, learned loads.

I spent the Sunday and Monday in bed  in the hope that I would be well enough to go to my Overlocker one-to-one course in Brighton.   Fortunately it was only 3 hours, and I'd arranged it for the middle of the day.  Good course, learned a lot, but couldn't decide what to do about an overlocker.   We'd used the exact model that a friend had recommended. It seemed fine, easy to thread.  But I  just didn;t feel as...enthused as I had expected.   Back to bed, or lolling around the house, still dosing myself up trying to suppress the damn cough and get rid of the disjointed migraine.

I finally managed to make the pencil case for DGD's birthday, and on Monday we took her presents over.   I didn't take a picture of the final one, but here's a pic of one of my earlier failures to give you the idea.  The fabric is black and white, ready to be coloured in with fabric pens.  I included a set of those as well.

 She was not particularly impressed.

I'd also promised someone some bunting, before I was unwell, and it was taking me days to make it. I could only do a bit at a time.   And then, at last, on Tuesday I felt less unwell.   I managed a trip to Ikea to take a load of stuff back, and to get the last few things for my sewing area.

I was also well enough to think more clearly about the overlocker.  Another model - a different manufacturer - had caught my eye.  On the way back from Ikea I called in to a dealer to take a look at this other machine but, sod's law,  it was the one machine he didn't have in stock. 

I finished the bunting.

I watched overlocker videos on Youtube.  I sought advice from online sewing friends.   I decided on Tuesday that I would buy one, and I decided which one. 

I mentioned to DH that I was buying an overlocker.  I expected him to roll his eyes, or to ask me where it would go.  He didn't, which was quite sweet of him (or so I thought).

I then waited until yesterday to place my order, just in case I changed my mind.

I also bought an online pattern for a quick vest type shirt, which I printed and spent an hour sticking together today.   And I bought some calico, so I could have a go at making a mock up before I actually used some proper fabric.

The delivery driver arrived a few moments ago, and I said "Oh, it's probably the overlocker". 

"That was quick!" said DH  as he opened the door.  It's quite a big box...?"  he said.

 I went into the hall and looked at the box.  "Yep, that's it".  I said, "I'll get it out and try it a bit later".   

 "Is that another machine then?    I thought you were just buying a special foot for your machine"

 No wonder he though the box was a bit big.


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