Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thank you present

Wash, our lovely ginger cat, has been losing weight.

He's been vomiting-after-eating for many many years. We've discussed it with the Vet endlessly.  We've tried all sorts of things, we've tried different diets.  But he has only started to lose weight in the last few months.

As soon as we discovered this, we made some further changes.   One of the changes we have made is to feed him on demand.  (He was already being fed small meals, with seconds 20 minutes later, 4 times a day).

Demand feeding is quite tiring (as mums with demand-fed babies will know).

One month on, he's put some weight back on.

We've also been getting lots of thank you presents. Lots of them.

Sometimes alive (in which case we* rescue them); sometimes less alive, in which case we* do the decent thing;  sometimes we get a share of the bounty;  and sometimes we get the whole thing.

(*we = royal we. = DH.  Unless he's not in, in which case I do it).

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