Thursday, 24 April 2014

Henry's Harem

Henry has a harem of, nominally, 13 ladies.   10 of those ladies adore him and follow him everywhere.  The other 3 tag along when it suits them.

It's been impossible to get pics of the whole harem together, but here are some of them.

NotNorman and Siouxsie (Norman's half sisters), with 3 ladies behind


Siousxie, NotNorman, Batty (top right) and 2 of the black beauties

Batty (her sister Norah is broody at the moment)

Poppy's full sister, Gorgeous

Here are pics of 2 of the 3 that choose not to come running, unless it suits them:


Mrs is the mother (and spitting image) of Tilda our house hen.
Mrs and Norman are the same age, but don't seem it. Norman is still vey sprightly,  Mrs not so much.

We're going to breed from Norman this year - assuming she's laying.   

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