Thursday, 3 April 2014

Not today, thank you

Yesterday's blog got me thinking about Tilda.  I do realise I  spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about our house hen.

Anyway, today, instead of scooping her up and putting her outside the open kitchen door - where she then has the option of coming back in or staying outside - I tried things the other way around. I opened the door, and put her by the open door, still in the kitchen.

She stood in the doorway, apparently sniffing the air.  I'm not sure she really was sniffing. There were no sniffle related sounds. It's not like a hen's nostrils wiggle when they sniff.     But her head was definitely in a sniffing-the-air pose.

After a few moments, she lurched forward (aha, going out! I thought), swung round, and shuffled back into the kitchen.

I tried again a couple of hours later.  Still no joy.

I'll try again later.


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