Saturday, 26 April 2014

Fits and Starts

Another fit for Izzy this morning, usual time (6.30am).

DH heard something and went down to the kitchen.  He found Izzy just coming round from her fit, and she was in a bit of a mess. Either she had had a very full bladder, or the fit was particularly violent.  
It's too soon for the higher dose to have kicked in properly yet, so we'll carry on as we are for now and see what happens.

Tilda also had a bit of a downhill patch.  Not bad enough to warrant an ending,  but enough to require a lot of attention and hand feeding.  She nibbled on a tiny bit of everything, but ate nothing of consequence.  

Yesterday evening, when it was raining and the Girls were in their run, she decided she wanted to go outside.  I realised she probably wanted to go and dust bathe. I couldn't put her outside, there wasn't anywhere dry.  She couldn't go in the run because the Others were in there.

This morning she managed to eat some tinned tuna and some yoghurt.  I opened the kitchen door and put her in the doorway so she could decide whether to go out or not.  When I turned back she'd actually jumped down and was wandering off to the Pampas, where she had a bit of a dust bathe.  I'll put her in the run later so she can try the dustbath there, but at the moment the Others are in and out fighting over nestbox rights.

We'll see how Tilda goes. 

Poppy is on the verge of going broody. When she goes in to lay an egg, she transforms into an angry broody, and won't let anyone else come near her.  I have to go and hoik her out.   It won't be long before the hoiking isn't enough.

Lotty is unable to use a nestbox of thenext door one is occupied.  At first I thought this was because the hen in the other nest box was causing problems for her.  However, DH built a new nestbox divider, and there is no way that a hen in one box can reach round and get her beak anywhere near a hen in the other one.    I think it's just that Lotti can't relax unless she's in there on her own.

She likes to share her nestbox problem with the rest of us.  So, if she can't get it (for whatever reason), she just squawks and squawks and squawks.   

Thank goodness for tolerant  neighbours.

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