Thursday, 3 April 2014

2 hour expeditiion to do a 30 minute trip

DH thought it would be a change to have a fish curry.  Coincidentally, I had seen a recipe for Parsee Fish Curry by Cyrus from the Spice Men. It uses sea bass, and that happens to be what we have in the freezer.

We didn't have any curry leaves, nor did we have any rice flour. I looked online and saw that Rice Flour was available in Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsburys.  I need it today, so Ocado was out.     I thought about making rice flour in the Vitamix, but apparently I need the dry container (which I don't have) or else I might damage the wet container.   

I couldn't face driving intot the town cetre for Waitrose. Besides, they would have only dried curry leaves, whereas there is an Indian superstore not too far away,  so I decided to go there.  I got the fresh curry leaves ( and a few other bits) while I was there. I coudn't find rice flour.  Atta flour (which is cornmeal, I think),  Garam flour (which is chick peas), Barley flour, chestnut flour, water chestnut flour, potato flour... an endless list of flours, but rice not amongst them.

I went over to the nearby Sainsbugs.  Sainsbugs online has rice flour.  Sadly, this one did not.

On my way home, I thought I'd try the Vitamix. Then I remembered there was an Asda nearby.  They would surely stock it.

Asda didn't.  At least, not in the flour aisle.  They had a very imited selection of flour, in fact.  However, they have a few "world food" aisles, so I traipsed up and down those looking.  Nope.  In the Caribbean Food section they had "potato  flour".   I reasoned that might be a good substitute,  it was - after all - a starchy thing ground to flour.

I googled "rice flour substitutes" with no success. 

On my way home again,  it occurred to me that an oriental supermarket might have rice flour.  After all, Rice Noodles are made from rice flour. 

It wasn't possible to park outside the orietnal supermarket.  Second time around, I had to park some distance away and walk.   At least the walk would do me good.  It would help me walk off some of the malt loaf I had managed to eat, butterless, after leaving Asda. 

They had some.

It looks remarkably like the potato flour.

Let's hope it was worth the 2 hour expedition.

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